Welcome to the website of the Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Sebastian Stüssel.

We are one of the most innovative strategy consultants for national and international companies, freelancers and public institutions.

Together with you, we develop customized and creative concepts for the development of your business. This gives you, as a client, a real added value over all phases of your business life cycle (Corporate Life Cycle). From the foundation to the renovation of your company, we therefore have certainly a suitable solution at hand.

The management and marketing consultants of the Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Sebastian Stüssel are specialized in the growth and financing management of nationally and internationally active companies.

Our target clients include innovative technology companies, family owned businesses, societies of companies, grown large and medium-sized enterprises, urban municipal enterprises, cities and municipalities, with innovation, growth, advertising, turnaround and financing needs.

Therefore we are working with nationally and internationally operating consultants, lawyers, accountants and auditors. These have experiences of consulting firms and business law firms across the globe. This ensures, that the international projects of our clients will be implemented quickly, safely and efficiently.

The focus of our work, therefore, particularly in the areas of business are:

  • banking, insurance, financial services
  • associates, business angels, venture capital funds
  • medical and health technology
  • nutrition technology
  • chemistry
  • IT, e-commerce, communication, media
  • biotechnology
  • metal and woodworking, furniture
  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • automotive
  • trade, logistics
  • aerospace engineering
  • construction and real estate
  • fashion and clothing industry
  • craft
  • various services
  • public entities

Since September 2014, our interdisciplinary team of consultants is seated in our new premises in Baunatal, located in the center of Germany and in the heart of Europe.

If we have piqued your interest, please contact us without obligation in touch.

Sebastian Stüssel
Management Consultant