Make your team ready for the challenges of competition!

Our particular strength is the professional training of your leadership team and employees. Especially young teams of innovative technology companies have often a lack of practical experience, large deficits, although the success of the whole enterprise largely depends on the skills of the individual team members. However, this problems apply also for established companies and public entities.

Also in this important segment of management and employee training, you can rely on the expertise of our consultants. Already individual members of our team have been successfully coached alone more than 1,000 employees of companies and public bodies in management and training seminars!

The specific event dates and event content is determined according to your wishes.

In particular, our wide range of courses cover the following topics:

  • Management coaching
    • Business start-up and business planning
    • Management & Business Development
    • Business Succession
    • Balance sheet structure & Rating
    • Market Analysis & Market sensoring
    • Financing & investment
    • Innovation & Creativity
    • Communication & Teamwork
    • Marketing & Branding
    • Multimedia Design & Direct Marketing
    • Business Law & Patents
  • Personality Coaching
    • rhetoric
    • Negotiation & sales calls
    • ergonomic Considerations
    • stress Management
    • relaxation techniques
    • IT skills (MS Windows, MS Office, Mac iOS, Adobe Creative Suits, apps, multimedia design)

On request, we can also arrange special customized trainings and seminars.

Dynamic growth requires a well-trained team. It is now your turn. Make expertise for your essential competitive advantage and profile by competence over your competitors!

Training your management team and your employees are vital investments in your future!

If we have piqued your interest, please contact us without obligation in touch.