Managing Consultant

Sebastian Stüssel – Management

Mr. Sebastian Stüssel operates independently since 2009 as a freelance management consultant under the name Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Sebastian Stüssel. Therefore, he is the sole management and representation power.

As Managing Consultant and Supervisor he is the last instance of all consulting products and areas of Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Sebastian Stüssel.

His personal consulting focus, through his work as a consultant for the Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Ute Jäger-Stüssel in the period from 2005 to mid-2009, was on corporate finance and on the other hand in the areas of marketing, advertising and design. Mid-2009, as successor to his former mentor Mrs. Jäger-Stüssel, he worked as a certified management consultant (IMCA Professional Management Consultant). Now his economically  priorities are in the fields of business- and organization management, corporate accounting, corporate finance and marketing.

2007-2009 Mr. Stüssel was Assistant to Prof. Dr. Klaus Nathusius, one of the recognized experts in the venture capital industry in Germany, in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Göttingen. He was a tutor for the courses MarketWatch (market analysis and sensoring), Fundamentals of start-up financing, Corporate Life Cycles management, TechTrends, setting up technology companies, Foundations of Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan Project Seminar.

Due to its wide range of political activities, inter alia, as District Chairman of the businesses association (MIT) Kurhessen-Waldeck, as county chairman of businesses association (MIT) Kassel-Land, as chairman of the businesses association (MIT) Baunatal and as Chairman of the CDU Baunatal (Focus: Economic and fiscal policy), he is a predestined Networker” and thus excellent director of our relationship management product MindLINK. Since 2009, Mr. Sebastian Stüssel is a member of the Regional Committee on Economic Affairs and Transport of the CDU Hessen, state and national delegate the MIT Hessen.

His experience taught as a management coach and lecturer in various courses and seminars.

Since May 2010 he operates, inter alia, as a lecturer at the Hessian Administration Education Association – Management Seminar Kassel (HVSV).


Paul Stüssel Consultant & Management Coach

Mr. Paul Stüssel works at the Wirtschafts- und Werbe- Beratung | Sebastian Stüssel as a Consultant and Management Coach.

He focuses on consulting products in multimedia design, marketing, event management and programming of enterprise software.

Since 2007 he is the supervisor and lecturer in Multimedia Design at SAE Institute in Berlin, and as a professional musician and producer of various bands. Core theme of his Honordiploma was the development and evaluation of Internet platforms as a successful marketing tool for innovative bands.

Meanwhile Mr. Christian Paul Stüssel works as a political consultant and coach, in the German Bundestag for a variety of parliamentarians and leaders of public entities in the fields of public relations and public affairs.

Because of his expertise in multimedia-, direct- and event- marketing, he is a predestined “Marketing Manager” and thus excellent director of our product Professional-Event-Management.


Experts on Call

Since we permanently work together with a variety of experts from various fields and industries. They any time enrich and motivate our work. – Many Thanks!