Discretion is never a matter of honor!

At this point we would like to show you the three essential business principles of our consultancy :

  1. Discretion.
  2. Discretion.
  3. Discretion.

Honor, one would think. No, absolutely not! Grant never consultants a mandate without being sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement!

Especially young innovative technology companies commit again the serious error, consultants without an agreement to accuse his confidence, but not the far-reaching consequences aware. Your company is mainly based on know-how, an extremely well worthy of protection. In addition, the founders are regularly in the obligation to disclose very personal and sensitive information (such as their financial circumstances). This makes you very vulnerable, should a consultant, whether negligently or intentionally, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the client to a competitor.

Just the fact that many consultants publicly advertise with whom they have possibly advised when and where, sets a dangerous process in motion, because especially strong contenders use this information to make further inquiries or slander campaigns to put out into the world!

We, as a leading consultancy in the field of competitive intelligence know exactly how important it is, to obtain sensitive information or to protect them. Therefore, we made the commitment, to protect our clients through a comprehensive confidentiality agreement, just before starting any consulting process.

Who takes discretion and confidentiality very seriously, must behave consistently accordingly. Therefore, we have decided:

  • Us in writing to undertake to maintain confidentiality to our clients.
  • Disclose to third parties any information of our clients.
  • In our research, to preserve the anonymity of our clients.
  • Delete sensitive data by our consulting work.
  • Conflicts of interest of our clients excluded.
  • To anonymize Our Publications names and data of our clients.
  • Not to advertise with the names of our clients.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to ensure that an involvement of consultants without an express confidentiality agreement may result in a risk of Patent Procedure and even may result in the loss of your right to patenting. Because in this case, by the regularly of the patent offices, the former publication of your expertise stands to your right to patent.

We always take a great interest in the needs of our clients and are always a reliable and competent partner in the growth and funding management and in confidentiality of sensitive information.