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Our particular strength is the professional management in growth and financing of innovative technology companies.

This area of specialization in Business Administration is called Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Finance. This teaching-, research- and consultancy- approach is focused on the corporate genesis of companies and their necessary funding. Central themes are therefore management buy-outs, management buy-ins, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financing, mezzanine capital financing, business turnaround and corporate liquidations.

Among the areas in which we support you long term and sustainable, include the structure of the financial sector, the generation of funds, sales financing, the care with tax and legal matters (where legally permissible), the structure of central functions, provides advice on filling key management positions towards qualified committee members, supporting the distribution structure, market monitoring for product development (market sensing and analysis), the placement of media and press contacts and the establishment of an innovative marketing. Of course, we are beyond even with acquisitions or business transfers in an advisory capacity (Exit Management).

In particular, our advice line includes the following topics:

  • Strategic Corporate Development
  • Systemic Organization & Management Consultancy
  • Establishing Consulting & Business Development
  • Business Analysis & Business Valuation
  • Company Rating & Corporate Finance
  • Turnaround & Corporate Restructuring
  • Financial Planning & Risk Management
  • Marketing & Innovation Consulting
  • Corporate Software & Business Planning
  • Cooperation Mediation & M&A Consulting

In addition, we offer our clients market-oriented and innovative communication solutions.

Target group-specific marketing, attracting key customers and persuading important financiers is one of the most important foundations for professional growth and financial management of innovative technology companies.

For more than half of our customers we have developed in an advisory capacity, integrated marketing and advertising concepts. Through numerous collaborations with universities and technology experts of relevant sectors (so-called. Promoters), we seek to continuously provide innovative impulses for the hot topics such as strategic brand management, brand management processes, integrated communication and consumer knowledge. Our objective here is the linking of a particularly effective communication know-how: Consulting, Content and Creation, branded entertainment, multichannel and new media, public relations, sales psychology, sales promotion and channel marketing, media, power sales, sponsorship, events, and corporate identity.

In particular, our range of advisory services in this segment includes the following topics:

  • Marketing Management & Branding
  • Creative Design & Multimedia Multi Channel Marketing
  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Design
  • Strategy Consulting & Competitive Intelligence (Survival Skills)
  • Advertising media consulting and advertising materials design
  • Direct Marketing & Promotion
  • Professional Event Management & Power Sales
  • Creative Consulting & Sponsorship
  • Market Analysis & Market sensoring

Dynamic growth requires a holistic counseling approach tailored to their respective life-cyclespecific situation, which is advisory to companies‘ needs. Only the coordinated use of all the above-mentioned Management tools, exerting maximum effect the desired effects. This business consulting areas are complemented with whom we are by the national and international advisory services of highly qualified lawyers, accountants and auditors in an ongoing business relationship.

Our clients benefit from an incomparably fast, smooth and well-established consultation process that takes time, costs and above all saves a lot of nerve!

In short, You generate maximum added value through our goal-oriented and holistic consulting services!